Sunday, June 5, 2011

return of the comeback?

Just write. yes I know, I’ve heard this before and I’ve been promising myself to write, write and write about everything and anything everyday. Easier said than done but okay, here am i and i guess i can consider this a first step (again???). I won’t promise the next step will be tonight or tomorrow but I’ll strive. (Hey I’ve heard these lines before from me!)
Actually, I’m just testing the new feature of wordpress for full screen writing. Nothing spectacular to write about for now, my mind is swimming with so many ideas that i don’t know what to pick up.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Low Tide

Too much heat at the house drove me and my roommate to the far end of the Smiling Cove Marina this afternoon. The cool breeze blowing gently immediately refreshed us. The tide was out and we picked our way among the sharp rocks and corals at the shore. Here is one of the photos I snapped. And oh yea, i know it took me a looooong while before i posted anything again here.